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Speech Therapy


What services are offered?

Speech pathologist offer services suitable for children having difficulty with speech, language and literacy. This includes:

  • Speech (pronunciation/ articulation, stuttering/stammering, voice disorders)
  • Language (understanding and talking)
  • Aural rehabilitation (hearing loss, developing listening skills)
  • Sound awareness
  • Reading and literacy

Does my child have a speech problem?

Speech disorders occur when a child has:

  • Difficulty producing speech sounds correctly
  • Difficulty producing speech sounds fluently
  • Problems with voice
  • Difficulty understanding
  • Substitutes or omits sounds when talking
  • Strenuous interaction with others

Does my child have a language problem?

Language disorders occur when a child has:

  • Trouble understanding others (receptive language)
  • Difficulty expressing thoughts, ideas and feelings (expressive language)
  • Frustration when explaining
  • Trouble organising words into sentences
  • Distress when making friends or socializing with others
  • Laboured reading or writing
  • Strenuous recall of stories or events (story seems disjointed, misses important details about events or details)
  • Impediments to remaining on topic

Does my child have a literacy problem?

Literacy problems are evident when the child has:

  • Difficulty reading, writing and spelling
  • Demonstrates slow progress in reading level
  • Shows difficulty in identifying rhyming words or counting syllables
  • Takes a long time to read or struggles with reading for meaning


Voice disorders are suspected when the voice is:

  • Very high or very low pitch
  • Too loud
  • Husky all the time
  • Sounds nasal all the


Problems with fluency of speech are demonstrated when the child:

  • Appears to get stuck on a sound and can’t get it out (blocks)
  • Repeats sounds, words or parts of a phrase (e.g ggggggo to the bus)
  • Experiences secondary characteristics such as facial grimacing, excessive eye blinking, excessive head movement or avoidance of particular words when talking)


Questions on behavioural disorders arise when the child:

  • Is inattentive and restless in listening situations
  • Needs frequent assistance or direction from adults to complete a task
  • Needs extra time to respond and organize response when required to speak
  • Needs assistance following routines in class, appears disorganized (forgets homework, loses pens etc)


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